A Nigerian Woman Paints Her Nails For Three Days, Setting A Guinness World Record

In an attempt to beat the record, a Nigerian woman claims to have painted over 4,000 nails in just 72 hours.

Lisha Dachor, 19, speedily decorated hundreds of fingernails with blue, pink, and purple nail polish as she went through an events center in Plateau state, northern Nigeria, with a nail brush in hand.

Wednesday was the suspenseful conclusion to her three-day marathon.

According to the Guinness World Record (GWR) regulations, Ms. Dackor has to paint 60 fingernails in a single hour in order to attempt the count.

After submitting her documentation, she is currently waiting for GWR to assess her attempt.

According to Ms. Dachor, she took on this task to alter the perception of herself and other adolescent mothers.

“I want to give people hope, especially single mothers because many people don’t think we have anything to offer,” she stated to the BBC.

The nail technician, who has been in the industry for around three years, says she also wants to highlight the achievements of women in northern Nigeria.

Additionally, according to Ms. Dachor, she hopes that her record attempt will make Plateau, her home state, known.

The Nigerian Plateau is a region with many mixed communities where the country’s predominantly Muslim north and south meet.

Thousands of people have died as a result of decades of violence and insecurity in the area between various ethnic and religious groups.

“The Plateau is seen based on its surface. Aside from our ethnic conflicts, Plateau is a stunning region. All ethnic groups supported me while I started my endeavor,” the woman remarked.

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