The Fuel Shortage In Nigeria Causes Businesses To Shut down.

Fuel shortages that began to affect several parts of Nigeria last week have gotten worse, closing numerous companies, including ones in Lagos, the country’s commercial center.

Privately owned station Channels Television said that on Monday, providers of public transit withdrew services, leaving consumers stranded and forcing some of those who managed to get transportation to pay increased fees.

According to accounts in the local media, drivers are scurrying and standing in line for hours at the gas stations that are still open to get fuel.

Due to state-owned oil firm supply difficulties, which have resulted in black market sellers selling oil for up to three times the going rate, several stations have closed.

Long lines were back at gas stations on Thursday, both in Abuja, the capital, and in the nearby states of Nasarawa and Niger.

However, the state-owned oil corporation issued a warning, stating that there would be no change in prices and that there would be enough fuel to avoid panic purchases of gasoline.

In a statement on Thursday, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) stated that the reduced supply of gasoline was due to logistical issues that had been resolved.

A representative for the business refuted claims made on Monday by the privately held The Punch daily that it was prioritizing petroleum supplies to the capital, Abuja, and restricting the amount of fuel delivered to shops.

Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest economies and oil producers, frequently faces oil scarcity.

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