Following Demonstrations, Kenyan President Ruto Slashes The First Lady’s Office Budget And Dissolves 47 Agencies

Following widespread protests, President William Ruto took a bold decision on Friday and eliminated the funding for Kenya’s first and second ladies’ offices.

This was revealed by Mr. Ruto on Friday during a live broadcast.

Additionally, he suspended officials’ non-essential travel and abolished 47 agencies.

“The number of advisors in government by 50% immediately,” stated Mr. Ruto.

Mr. Ruto went on, “The prime minister’s wife, the first lady, and the second lady’s office operations will be eliminated.”

The president of Kenya has declared that “no state officer or public servant will participate in harambee” and that any non-essential travel by state and public officials “is hereby suspended.”

“In keeping with the austerity measures we promised, affected staff will be transferred to other ministries and 47 State corporations with overlapping and duplicating functions will be dissolved,” he continued.

Protesters have been marching through Kenyan streets for three weeks in a row, causing disruptions to business operations for the third week since the protests against the Finance Bill began on June 18.

But when demonstrators invaded the parliament and resisted police use of tear gas, water cannons, and live ammunition, the events took a tragic turn.

Videos of Kenyan police shooting demonstrators in real time, firing live bullet shells, and leaving protestor corpses all over the internet have infuriated people all over the world, especially after Mr. Ruto stated last Wednesday that the law would be withdrawn.

In their demand for Mr. Ruto’s trial at the International Criminal Court, Amnesty International said that he had utilized snipers to shoot down demonstrators.

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights bemoaned the use of “excessive and disproportionate force” by police on demonstrators, reporting that hundreds had been hurt, 39 people had died, and over 30 enforced disappearances had been reported.

Ochillo Ayacko, the governor of Migori County, has also denounced Kenyan police for killing protestors as they fled after employing physical force against them in opposition to the Finance Bill.

To counter accusations that he witnessed demonstrators being killed by police before rescinding the contentious bill, Mr. Ruto asserted in a Sunday night chat with media that he had no blood on his hands.

As the protests enter their third week, Kenyan police earlier designated many of the anti-Finance bill demonstrators wanted.

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