One Of The Top Ten Nations With The Highest IMF Debt Is Ghana.

The function of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in offering financial support to nations facing economic difficulties is vital as global economic dynamics persist in changing.

Lending money to member nations in order to help stabilize their economies and correct financial imbalances is a significant part of this support.

Consequently, nations accrue debt to the IMF, demonstrating their need on outside financial assistance.

Yes Ghana Online Business explores the top ten nations with the most IMF debt, illuminating the extent of their financial commitments and the consequences for their future economic prospects.

However, Ghana is listed as one of the top nations with the highest amount of debt outstanding to the Fund.

The list is produced using the most recent debt statistics from the IMF.

View the entire list down below.

1. Egypt
Egypt owes the IMF $11 billion.

2. Angola
Angola owes the IMF $3 billion.

3. Kenya
Kenya owes the IMF $3 billion.

4. Ghana
Ghana owes the IMF $2 billion

5. Cote D’Ivoire
Cote D’Ivoire owes the IMF $2 billion.

6. Argentina
Argentina owes the IMF $32 billion.

7. Colombia
Colombia owes the IMF $3 billion.

8. Ecuador
Ecuador owes the IMF $6 billion

9. Ukraine
Ukraine owes the IMF $9 billion.

10. Pakistan
Pakistan owes the IMF $7billion.

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