The Finance Ministry Declares That The Parliament Has Approved US$150 Million For Flood Prevention

The approval of an additional $150 million in funding for the implementation of solid waste management, improved drainage, and other flood mitigation measures in Accra has been announced by the Ministry of Finance.

On Tuesday, May 21, the Ministry made this announcement in a press release that was copied to the Ghana News Agency.

It said that the World Bank facility would help with ongoing GARID (Greater Accra Resilient and Integrated Development) projects, which included Odaw Basin restoration projects.

Additionally, water retention ponds and storm drain development would take place in Nima-Paloma and Kaneshie.

In addition, a waste transfer station and an engineered landfill site will be built, as well as a Flood Early Warning System established in the Greater Accra Region.

Through bettering drainage, solid waste management, and infrastructure services in high-risk informal settlements within the basin, these initiatives are anticipated to reduce floods along the Odaw River Basin.

According to the release, “as a result, these projects are expected to benefit approximately half a million people living in low-income communities around the Odaw basin directly and indirectly.”

In addition, it said that the project’s payments as well as further anticipated inflows from the World Bank, African Development Bank, and IMF will strengthen macroeconomic stability and the exchange rate.

“With this announcement, the Ministry of Finance reassures all parties involved that it will keep collaborating with pertinent organizations to guarantee that the space is effectively utilized to meet its project development goals,” the statement continued.

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