Customers Storm Women’s World Banking For Deposits

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Customers of the Women’s World Bank (WWB) in Tema Community One stormed the bank to request their deposits after the Bank of Ghana revoked its permit.

The WWB is one of the 23 insolvent financial institutions that have lost their licenses to the Central Bank for cleaning up.

Customers, mostly women, who numbered more than 250, thronged their bank premises on a single market in the Community, in the midst of anxieties as they requested the refund of their entire savings.

Most of them were small traders, market women, students and other small entrepreneurs.

At about 1100 a.m., when the Ghana News Agency visited the bank, customers picked up in front of the bank, which is located near the fresh fish market in the area called Maame Sekonde.

Their presence at the site caused some inconvenience to traders and buyers as they completely blocked the narrow path between the bank and other shops.

The clients informed GNA that their deposits ranged from 1,500.00 GH to 10,000.00 GH.

According to the visibly frustrated customers, they rushed to the bank to withdraw their savings as they did not agree with BOG’s decision.

“We don’t trust the takeover system because we know that once the Bank of Ghana takes over, we won’t get our money again, so we want to collect the money today before we leave the premises,” they said.

Mrs. Faustina Bruce, a client of the bank, said that although she did not intend to stop saving with the bank, she went to the premises to evaluate the scenario after hearing the acquisition.

Mrs. Bruce said, “I saw the news on social media this morning, but it’s nothing new, because it’s not the first bank to be taken over by BOG, I’m still standing by the bank because it’s a good bank. It’s not a bank closing down, it’s being taken over by another bank.

Miss Esther Anku, another client, also voiced her surprise at the cancellation of the bank’s license by the BOG, as according to her’ a bank with a world name, should be a bank of excellent reputation, so I still do not comprehend why BOG should revoke the license of a well-known bank and also support us traders here with payments to increase our company.’

Master Samuel Ofori, a student and a client, said, “I’ve been here since morning to redraw some cash to pay my college charges, but I’ve been in the building since 0800 hours, looking at how things are going, I believe I’d have to redraw all my cash and close the account.”

Miss Ernestina, another customer, urged the media not only to announce such takeovers and closures, but to provide the necessary information on these issues to prevent fear and panic.

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