A Solitary Quest To Combat Sexual Assault Via A Musical Drama

Since the Ghanaian theater culture is still in its infancy, numerous practitioners are providing content to keep it vibrant. This is a business with excellent prospects, especially since the National Theatre has been busy lately with a variety of theatrical plays.

There are many different kinds of plays; one kind is the musical. Generally speaking, musical plays are exciting and engaging. They frequently arouse a feeling of vitality. Attending a musical at the theater ensures that one will always find something to giggle over.

Kobina Ansah is one theater artist whose works deviate from the traditional musical form. His creations raise many problems because they greatly depart from the conventional notion of a musical.

The bold author was the first in Ghana to present a theater production about LGBT people. His passion for tackling challenging issues is unmatched, as evidenced by his most recent production.

Upon first appearance, the dramatist appears to be a composed guy. But everyone who sees his plays will undoubtedly come to the conclusion that he is not. He tackles difficult subjects that many people will avoid. It’s understandable why he calls him a “unconventional storyteller”.

His plays all make it clear that he has a soft spot for ladies. Kobina Ansah tackles a taboo subject in our culture ~rape} in his new play, IN THE PANTS OF A WOMAN, by means of a unique musical. In contrast to many cheerful musicals, this one tells a poignant tale through 16 unique songs that raise many interesting questions.

“I want my art to have a long-lasting effect. This urge pushes me to undertake stories that occasionally could seem uncomfortable,” he says. “I love to dream without borders and that is what I do with my plays,” he continues.

“IN THE PANTS OF A WOMAN” starts a dialogue about rape and how society views it. It attacks poisonous narratives that have given abusers more power and, consequently, taken away from the abused. On July 20, it will be performed at the National Theatre.

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