Actor’s Guild’s Internal Political Disputes Are To Blame For The Film Industry’s Difficulties

Veteran Ghanaian actor Fred Amugi has voiced his worries about the ongoing court battles over the Actors Guild of Ghana’s leadership, saying they are preventing the country’s film industry from developing to its full potential.

After the guild’s president, Reverend Eddie Coffie, passed away in 2016, he claims that the sector has not had strong or engaged leadership to steer it.

The guild lacks the leadership it needs to monitor the activities of the business and speak out for the interests of performers because the election of new executives has been delayed.

He claims that this circumstance has negatively affected the physique.

Fred Amugi expressed his optimism that the guild would work out its internal issues and find its footing in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

The film business operates similarly to other businesses. It has highs and lows. But, there have been problems with power struggles and confrontations for the past few years, particularly within the Ghana Actors Guild.

Because the work being generated is not being checked, this has resulted in a drop in production and quality. We are fortunate that DSTV offers Akwaaba Magic, which has given our films a platform. They’ve been helpful and cooperative in our collaboration, and the movies they screen are excellent. We will gain from their support if we continue to produce high-caliber movies.

Regretfully, Nigeria’s cinema sector outpaces ours. With subscription-based streaming services like Netflix, they have more chances, and we need to collaborate to catch up,” he said.

Additionally, Mr. Amugi expressed his worry about the lack of cooperation and unity in the industry, which he believes is impeding the production of competitive, high-caliber movies.

“Ghana’s film industry need cohesion. Everyone is working alone at the moment because they are worried about being copied. But the reality is that regardless of our level of knowledge, there is always someone who knows more. He remarked, “If we band together in harmony, we could create amazing movies that highlight our various skills and viewpoints.

“If we are united, we could even gain enough recognition in prestigious awards such as the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA),” he said.

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