As Tracy Counsels The Young, “Some People’s Past Actions Are Biting Them Now”

The famous artist Sarkodie’s wife, Tracy Owusu Addo, has advised young people not to be influenced by the extravagant lives that some people post on social media.

She brought up the fact that there are people who, while having dubious finances, present an online persona of richness and extravagance.

Tracy played a news clip about a person who is now being held accountable for actions from the past.

The young people were urged by Sarkodie’s wife to put in hard work in order to succeed rather than giving in to peer pressure and taking short cuts.

“There are some who flaunt their ideal lifestyle, leading lavish lives and accumulating numerous vehicles, homes, and other possessions, but what actually happens in the end? Life is a process, as I have stated before. You can enjoy the good life for now, but eventually you’ll leave it behind and return to begin over in the life you were meant to lead.

“And that’s why there are stories on social media right now about people and how their past actions are coming back to haunt them,” she stated in a video posted on Instagram by blogger Nkonkonsa.

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