At Emmanuel Adebayor’s Retirement Concert, Shatta Wale Will Play

Shatta Wale, a dancehall artist from Ghana, will perform at the retirement celebration of Togolese superstar Emmanuel Adebayor.

Shatta Wale’s involvement was verified by Adebayor in a video that he uploaded to his TikTok. The self-proclaimed “king of African dancehall” expressed his joy at being included on the bill for the massive event.

The event, known as the Jubilee Concert, is scheduled to happen at Lomé’s Stade de Kegue.

The performance, which is one of several events planned to honor Adebayor’s retirement, is rumored to feature additional African performers.

The youth marathon and a unique female football competition are among the events scheduled for June 19.

In order to commemorate his official retirement from football in 2023, Emmanuel Adebayor announced to the globe that a sports festival will take place in June 2024.

“As I am ready to turn a new chapter in my life, I want to thank everyone, no matter how far or how close. “It would be wonderful to invite everyone to the jubilee that the SEA Foundation is planning to commemorate this moment,” he posted on Instagram.

“Join me in June 2024 for this historic occasion, a sports festival aimed at advancing African values of peace, stability, and unity among its peoples. The celebration will include a number of events leading up to a grand match that will bring together the biggest football stars in Lomé.”

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