Big Akwes Advises Young People, “Vote For Mahama And He Will Never Disappoint You”

Well-known Kumawood actor Big Akwes has openly endorsed National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate John Dramani Mahama for the general elections scheduled for 2024.

He said he was confident in Mahama’s youth-empowering programs, which made him the better choice for president.

Big Akwes has urged young people to unite behind Mahama and back his effort to take up issues that the current administration has ignored.

Big Akwes is unwavering in his support of youth issues despite possible backlash for his political stance.

“Opinions about my political ideas do not influence me. I make decisions that will help the youth as well as myself. For this reason, I’m pleading with young people to vote for Mahama because I know he won’t let them down. Mahama will make efforts to guarantee that their dreams come true,” he underlined in a Twi interview with UTV.

Notable Kumawood individuals like Christiana were present during an event that filmmakers staged in support of NDC’s John Dramani Mahama ahead of the 2024 elections, where these remarks were uttered.

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