Brefo Nana Yaa Comforts MzGee

Broadcaster MzGee responded to a string of insults from Medikal and Shatt Wale on social media, prompting her colleague Nana Yaa Brefo to provide encouraging remarks in the comments section.

MzGee has been under fire for investigating Medikal’s personal life with Fella Makafui rather than concentrating on his historic O2 Indigo performance in London.

The United Showbiz anchor is baffled as to why her straightforward request that Medikal send Fella Makafui good vibes as she prepares to release a new film was met with backlash.

Speaking to the criticism on social media, MzGee emphasized that Fella had been urged to wish Medikal well on the same program a week earlier, and it had been favorably received.

She insisted that it was equally legitimate to ask Medikal to comply.

“Fella’s remarks regarding O2 last week were appreciated, but now Medikal is unable to talk about resonance? I’m passionate about my profession and value the platform it offers. “See you on Saturday at 9 p.m.” she posted on social media.

But many who thought that it was improper to ask about Medikal’s relationship with Fella responded angrily to MzGee’s article.

On social media, a number of her radio colleagues, notably Nana Yaa Brefo, encouraged her.

“Go on, put out more fire. You are aware of our duties,” Yaa Brefo urged.


MzGee has been charged with attempting to cast doubt on Medikal’s accomplishments by posing “absurd” queries.

With the support of Shatta Wale, his ally, Medikal has harshly insulted the United Showbiz host on social media, using foul language and drawing attention to her employers in the process.

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