Byno Ayoni Recounts His Experience Of Being Rejected By His Father The Day He Was Born.

The winner of the 2023 TV3 Mentor, Ghanaian musician Byno Ayoni, has opened up about some of his depressing childhood memories.

On May 8, 2024, he talked about his ordeal of losing his mother three months after she passed away and being abandoned by his father at birth because of his albinism during his interview on the Daybreak Hitz show.

Growing up, I didn’t know my father. My grandmother informed me that the man who came to the hospital to see me after I was born said, ‘We don’t have this thing in my family.’ He fled as a result. When I was only three months old, my mom passed away from anguish and disappointment,” he stated.

As he was raised by his grandmother, he experienced discrimination from society and major health problems.

“My grandmother then assumed accountability. I was a sickly youngster at the time. My grandmother and the folks who watched me grow up said that I became so ill that you could see the food moving down my stomach when I was eating. I was that sick,” he continued.

Byno also shared that, in spite of his struggles, at the age of five, his headmaster introduced him to the brass band, which ignited a passion for music that lasted a lifetime.

“In Aflao, I went to Holy Star Academy. That’s my Aflao primary basic school. There, I didn’t have many difficulties with acceptance since the headmaster protected me and made sure that anyone who wronged me would suffer the consequences.

He was the reason I developed a deep affinity for music at a young age. I was forced to join the brass band by him. At the time, I was five years old. From there, music began,” he remarked.

As he developed, Byno understood that his individuality was a gift that made him stand out rather than a curse.

“With time, I understood that it just has to do with being in a society where you are the outstanding person, looking different from everyone else,” he stated.

His musical ability was evident, and it helped him win TV3’s Mentor competition and win over fans all throughout Ghana.

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