Chef Smith’s Arrest

Chef Ebenezer Smith‘s cook-a-thon sponsor, Amadia Shopping Centre, has responded to the uproar surrounding his arrest and Guinness World Record certification.

From February 1–March 6, 2024, Chef Smith had his culinary marathon at Spintex, Accra’s Amadia Shopping Center.

However, Smith’s arrest during a press conference proclaiming his alleged achievement was a key occurrence that added to the confusion, especially in light of the overwhelming criticism and Guinness World Records’ clarification that they had no record of his attempt.

According to reports, a number of police officers and Nana Boroo, the proprietor of Amadia Shopping Centre’s brother, led Chef Smith’s arrest.

The event’s sponsors have released a thorough press release outlining their response to the criticism and public comments on social media.

They revealed that Amadia Shopping Center had arranged and supported Chef Smith’s quest to break the record, and that both sides had signed a legally binding three-year contract to support it.

According to the statement, the shopping center even held a musical concert on the last day of the month-long cook-a-thon to thank the public and honor Chef Smith and his staff for their incredible completion of the 802-hour cooking marathon.

But after the event, the management of Amadia Shopping Center had not been able to get in touch with Chef Smith about the status of the films from the cook-a-thon being uploaded or the reaction from Guinness World Records.

They claimed to have only heard of a news conference at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, where Chef Smith was going to use a flyer to reveal the results of his GWR effort without informing them, in violation of their contract.

The sponsors reached out to Chef Smith multiple times, but they never heard back.

They therefore went to the press conference location to confirm the legitimacy of the GWR certificate, referencing their brand association with Chef Smith.

Noting that they had been refused access at first, they then phoned the police to stop the proceedings until Chef Smith could show proof of the certificate’s validity.

The statement ended that the inquiry has now been turned over to the police.

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