Custom Officer And Baby Mama Wahala

A trending video on Tiktok about a lady who was allegedly beaten by her baby father, a custom officer. The video showed her with a swollen face and injuries.

Yes Ghana Online saw a comment under the post asking ” What Happened”? and the baby’s father replied by sharing a video that showed the lady leaving a club with another man at 3am.

He said that she had disregarded her responsibilities as a mother, locking their little child in a room while she went out. According to reports, the matter ended up at the police station.

In a voice message, the father of the child said, “On Thursday, June 27, 2024, the woman was found leaving the club with another man.

He said that their one-year-old child is locked in the room by his mother so she may spend time with her lover after he leaves for work.

He reiterated that he discovered the woman was having an affair with someone else when she became pregnant since she was unable to inform him of her pregnancy until he discovered it for himself.

He claimed that after determining the girl’s guilt, charges had been brought against her. He stated that he had given her a store to help her business, but he had to take it back since she had chosen to put other men’s relationships ahead of her business.

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