Davido And Chioma’s Pre-Wedding Pictures

Pre-wedding photos of Nigerian artist David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, have been revealed alongside his partner Chioma.

Davido is seen in the first photo posted on X donning a three-piece Yoruba agbada outfit, complete with a turban and beaded accessories. Chioma had a little fur across her chest and was dressed in a black gown.

Her husband’s agabada fabric featured a matched print to her outfit. Chioma accessorized her appearance with a gele.

Davido was seen wearing a three-piece black agbada with a large, round collar and a cap in the post that followed.

Chioma had fur across her shoulders and was dressed in a black, shimmering lace gown. As she leaned on her husband’s shoulders to pose, the gown accentuated her contours.

Davido appeared in the third post sporting a chic walking stick, a hat, and a golden agbada. Chioma donned an elaborately beaded gown trimmed with gems and lace. She accessorized the ensemble with a whisk and a gele headpiece.

Numerous internet users expressed their joy once the photographs appeared online.

After the tragic death of their first child, Ifeanyi, in 2022, the couple turned to one another for solace. Now, they are celebrating the birth of twins and strengthening their relationship with a customary engagement ceremony.

The ceremony, which is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25, is anticipated to draw attention from Nigeria’s elite society and be a memorable occasion during the 2024 wedding season.

The affluent Adeleke family, known for their clout in Osun state’s political and business spheres, including education, oil and gas, and entertainment, is the source of Davido, the creator of the prestigious 30 Billion Gang (30 BG).

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