Diddy Has A Fresh Accusation Of Sexual Assault

Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, who is currently under fire, is the subject of a new sexual assault lawsuit after a new accuser came forward.

Adria English, a former porn star, filed a complaint in New York, the most recent in a slew of lawsuits against her in recent months.

One of the most successful rap moguls, Mr. Combs, has always refuted all claims of physical and sexual abuse, including the most recent ones.
According to NBC News, the celebrity is currently the focus of a federal criminal investigation, yet there is no indication that any charges are about to be filed.

Following allegations made by his ex-girlfriend Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura in November, Mr. Combs’s legal troubles have gotten worse. He issued an apology earlier this year when video surfaced of him assaulting Ms. Ventura in a hotel corridor in 2016.

Mr. Combs “forced and coerced (Ms. English) to engage in sex work for him” at parties, according to the current lawsuit filed against him in current York. In addition, it claims that the rapper threatened to destroy her career if she disobeyed.

In the 114-page document, filed by Ms. English, events from 2004 to 2009 are detailed and include 33 accusations against Mr. Combs and him.

His attorney told US media, “No matter how many lawsuits are filed, it won’t change the fact that Mr. Combs has never engaged in sexual assault or sex trafficking.”

“Mr. Combs is confident he will prevail against these and other baseless claims in court,” the statement continued.

Ms. English is the most recent of several women to file a complaint against Mr. Combs in the months that have passed since Ms. Ventura’s lawsuit was resolved by Mr. Combs in November for an unknown amount.

For more than ten years, she had accused him of both sexual trafficking and rape. The team behind Mr. Combs made it clear that there was no admission of guilt in the settlement.

Since then, numerous claims of physical and sexual assault have been made against the rapper.

Earlier this year, raids were conducted on his properties in Miami, Florida, and Los Angeles, California, as part of a federal investigation into human trafficking.

A federal criminal investigation into Mr. Combs is still ongoing, according to NBC News, which cited two people familiar with his legal matters. The news was relayed to Mr. Combs’s staff.

Federal officials and Mr. Combs’s legal team have not provided any particular comments on the topic, nor have details of the rumored probe been made public.

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