Dr. Randy Abbey Responds To Chef Smith’s Fictitious Cook-A-Thon GWR Certificate In “July Fool”

Dr. Randy Abbey, a well-known media figure, has expressed dissatisfaction with the media regarding Chef Smith’s assertions that he broke the cook-a-thon record using a purportedly forged certificate.

On July 2, 2024, Chef Smith announced that he had broken the previous record with an 802 hour and 25 minute cooking marathon.

At a press conference, he displayed a certificate that appeared to be from Guinness World Records. Investigations, however, eventually showed that the certificate was fake.

But Dr. Abbey took issue with the media for failing to independently confirm Chef Smith’s statements prior to announcing the event. As the Metro TV anchor of Good Morning Ghana, he bemoaned the harm that such dishonesty did to Ghana’s image.

Calling the whole thing a “July fool,” Dr. Abbey compared Chef Smith’s deception of the country to other instances in which public people such as Dr. UN had been involved and asked how Chef Smith could get away with it.

“To fact-check these things, one may do so now at the event or by sending an email to Guinness World Records, but back then, there was no Google. There was a lot of media coverage.

“To confirm, someone could write to Guinness World Records. There was a great deal of media coverage. He said, “This one is July fool.”

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