Dr. UN And Fraudster Mensah Came Before Chef Smith

Even though Chef Ebenezer Smith‘s “deceit” on July 2, 2024, left Ghana reeling, many could not help but think of another person who pulled a similar practical joke on not just the populace but also on well-known figures in the nation.

It should be remembered that on Friday, August 28, 2020, the “7th Global Leadership Service to Humanity Awards” were held. The man who called himself Kwame Fordjour, a.k.a. Dr. UN, was an entrepreneur and event designer.

Plaques with the words “UN Kofi Annan Excellence Awards” were given to people in a variety of industries, including business, politics, and entertainment, during the awards ceremony.

Because of the well-known participants in the awards program, the event attracted a lot of media attention and social media conversation.

On that fatal night, almost 20 notable Ghanaians, including the rapper Sarkodie, Berla Mundi, D-Black, and others, were honored with awards.
Just a day later, rumors circulated that Dr. UN had nothing to do with the late Kofi Annan or the UN.

He was unknown to the worldwide community and the academic community, and he lacked any demonstrable accomplishments.

He possessed an immense amount of courage, audacity, and an uncommon kind of self-assurance.

Many of those poor celebs still carry the scars from that hilarious occurrence from that evening. It was certainly funny, though.

But this story is nothing compared to another one concerning Fauster Mensah, also known as Atta Mensah, who made news in 2014 after claiming to have received a Nobel Prize in science.

With ornate websites and social media profiles that imitated well-known news sources, he posed himself as the chairman of the African Computer Society and a scientist connected to NASA.

2014 saw the appearance of Fauster Mensah, as Atta Mensah, on news portals with claims of having received a science Nobel Prize.

His extraordinary accomplishments were acknowledged by numerous government ministries, and he was invited to appear on Ghana Television’s (GTV) esteemed “Moomen Tonight.”

Things took a bizarre turn, though, when discrepancies in his interview with GTV host Abdul Hayi Moomen surfaced. This sparked a social media frenzy as citizen journalists attempted to expose Ghana’s alleged “biggest fraudster.”

Ghanaians were shocked to learn that Fauster Mensah was never employed by NASA and was not a scientist, and that the websites and social media accounts he used to promote himself were phony and the manipulated images were bogus.

Mensah maintained his dishonest practices after being exposed, posing as Professor John Vinzelts.

He was most recently connected to the Consular & Diplomatic Services University in Ghana, where he holds the position of Vice-Chancellor.

It seems that these people were more interested in gaining notoriety and attention than money, however their exact motives are still unknown.

This story does highlight an interesting lesson, though: bold confidence, sometimes, can open doors, regardless of beauty or eloquence.

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