Fella Makafui Aspires To Resemble Certain Women On Television – Medikal

Rapper Medikal talked candidly about his divorce from Fella Makafui and said that she wanted to be like some of the women she saw on television.

He disclosed her intense curiosity about their way of life and behaviors, saying she makes an effort to emulate them in every way.

He implies that her expensive lifestyle and dubious choices are the result of her obsession with television stars. “I can’t mention names, but she’s so eager to emulate certain TV personalities, and it’s steering her towards this lifestyle,” he said.

Medikal recently revealed that he was against Fella having surgery after giving birth, but she persisted, pointing to her friends’ same experiences.

His social media presence has been noteworthy, especially after an incident in which he claimed his estranged wife—who still resides in their home—reported him to the police.

This is the result of Medikal’s request that Fella’s cousin, who has lived with them for a long time, leave the property.

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