Fella Makafui: Medikal And I Have Decided To Dissolve Our Four-Years Marriage.

The actress confirmed the dissolution of her 4-year marriage in a statement following Medikal’s assertion that she and Fella Makafui are “no more.”

The statement, dated May 18, 2024, and signed by Fella Makafui, stated that they had been waiting for their families “to complete the required customary divorce rites” since the decision had been made “a few months ago.”

She also addressed several statements the musician had made on social media, emphasizing the harm these statements had done to her standing. “These public statements have caused significant hurt to me, my family, and my business—considerable portions of which are a great departure from the truth,” the woman stated.

Fella Makafui, however, said that she would not respond to the allegations in public. Rather, citing her profound respect for both families, for the relative privacy that the institution of marriage entails, and most crucially, in the best interest of their cherished daughter, she has “decided to resort to only lawful and appropriate forums to address my grievances.”

The actress stated that, despite her reluctance, she has chosen to pursue legal action going ahead. She was adamant that the legal procedure would be advantageous. “My daughter and I are safe and, also, that my husband’s and my co-parenting duties are properly and sufficiently streamlined and regulated in accordance with the law,” she declared, expressing her confidence in its ability to do so.

Fella Makafui, in the meantime, thanked her supporters and begged for solitude, emphasizing that she needs it given the circumstances.

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