For Playing Your Music At The TGMAs, Sue Charterhouse (From Captain Smart To Shatta Wale).

Many Shatta Movement supporters have expressed differing opinions about DJ Black’s inclusion of multiple Shatta Wale tracks during the jam session at the recently concluded Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMAs).

As popular songs like “Hosanna,” “Dancehall King,” “Shatta City,” and “Ayoo” reverberated throughout the arena, social media users—including Shatta Wale himself—reacted with fury.

Some people felt that once Shatta Wale pulled out of the plan, it was improper for Charterhouse to play his music. They thought it to be a paradoxical action.

However, others contended that by incorporating Shatta Wale’s music into the occasion, Charterhouse—which is well-known for its purported track record of disparaging him—inadvertently recognized his value.

This viewpoint alluded to Shatta Wale’s essentiality to the event, regardless of any previous disputes.

Captain Smart contributed to the conversation by sharing his thoughts on the subject and advising Shatta Wale to file a lawsuit against Charterhouse.

He maintained that Shatta Wale’s track shouldn’t have been played if his participation was prohibited.

“The God of Ghanaian music, Shatta Wale, was allegedly prohibited by Charterhouse, but his songs were played loudly during the TGMAs. It’s clear that they would be lost without him. Shatta Wale’s songs brought the entire crowd up and dancing, but other songs did not. “Shatta, I’ll sue Charterhouse if you don’t,” he declared.

Captain Smart also took issue with Charterhouse, suggesting that foreign interests—especially those originating from Nigeria—have disproportionate influence over Ghana’s entertainment sector.

He bemoaned the regularity with which Nigerian musicians received the Best African Artiste title, implying that the selection process was prejudiced.

“We have let individuals, particularly foreigners, to engage in a variety of activities within our nation. Whom they think worthy is awarded. Imagine that Nigerians are consistently awarded the Best African Artiste title, he said.

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