For What Reason Should My Nose Be Smaller? Akrobeto: “I Breathe Better Than Others.”

In response to recommendations that he think about getting plastic surgery for his nose, well-known media personality and Kumawood actor Akrobeto said he didn’t think there was a problem with its size.

He responded to remarks made by gospel singer Celestine Donkor, who stated that she would sooner invest in her spirit than have plastic surgery, on his Real News program on UTV.

Akrobeto, whose real name is Akwasi Boadi, made fun of his nose’s practical advantages, saying that it enables him to “breathe more air” than the typical person, which lowers his risk of illness or the need for oxygen support.

He made the amusing suggestion that rather than getting cosmetic surgery, he would like to spend his money at a neighborhood restaurant or “chop bar.”

“Your desire is for me to spend money on nose reduction plastic surgery. Me? At the chop bar, that’s where I would rather spend my money.

“I can breathe easily… I don’t get sick easily. Even at the hospital, I don’t use oxygen. There’s plenty of air to breathe in. He remarked, “My nose doesn’t choke.”

Asserting that everyone will eventually age and pass away, Akrobeto also questioned the benefits of making physical changes.

Reiterating the significance of self-acceptance, he used the late Michael Jackson as an illustration.

“Looking good is OK, but you can pass away at any time. Nobody can avoid dying. You cannot stop yourself from becoming older. What physical alteration did Michael Jackson avoid? Where is he now, though? Gone!” he exclaimed.

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