Ghana Police Service Invites Organizers Of #DumsorMustStop In Advance Of The Planned Event

The organizers of the #DumsorMustStop rally have been invited by the Ghana Police Service to talk about the specifics of their planned action.

This is in response to the conveners’ May 9, 2024, letter announcing their intention to utilize their constitutional rights.

After that, the letter was forwarded to the Regional Command in Accra.

The campaign leaders were called to a meeting at the Regional Police Headquarters in Accra by Arhin Kwasi Annor, the Deputy Commissioner of Police and Accra Regional Commander, by letter dated May 13, 2024.

The anticipated time of the meeting is 1400 hours on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.

“I refer to your correspondence with the Inspector General of Police (IGP) dated September 5, 2024, about the aforementioned matter. The above letter has been forwarded to this Command by the IGP.

“In view of the above, the Regional Commander invites you (conveners) to a meeting in his office on Wednesday, 15/05/2024 at 1400 hours to discuss modalities pertaining to your intended demonstration,” the letter stated.

For further information about the meeting, the conveners—which included well-known people including Yvonne Nelson, Selorm Dramani Dzramado, and Henry Osei Akoto—have been invited to get in touch with Staff Officer Supt. Mr. Isaac N.K. Yeboah.

A citizen-led initiative in Ghana called #DumsorMustStop is protesting the regular blackouts known as “Dumsor.”

It was started in 2015 and is headed by people like Yvonne Nelson. It demands that the government take responsibility for ending the power outage.

Following a string of recurrent power outages that have afflicted the country since early 2024, the campaign saw a rebirth in 2024.

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