Hammer Praises Ghana’s Music Industry’s Tenacity And Expansion

Record producer Hammer from Ghana talked about how the music industry in his nation has developed remarkably, even though it has faced many obstacles.

Hammer emphasized the industry’s dependence on independent efforts by drawing attention to Ghana’s dearth of official record labels and organized backing.

Hammer said, “Considering that nobody had any help, it is impressive where we are as an industry,” during a Thursday Starr Chat discussion with Bola Ray. When a business is populated by well-organized businesspeople, things are different. Nothing exists here; not even constructions. Does Ghana have a record label? With both hands, do we? No, we are self-sufficient.”

Hammer emphasized the significance of networks and connections while highlighting the crucial distinction between independent labels and well-established record labels. “Record labels and independent labels differ in their networks, reach, and relationships. I am impressed with what the boys have accomplished thus far since we have performed well given the tools at our disposal.”

He commended independent artists who have achieved international recognition, such as Black Sherif and King Promise. Prior to securing his deal, King Promise was highly visible. There is a Black Sherif. Because they have some support, the majority of these Nigerians are present. Charlie, however, you should see how these guys, Medikal and Chris Waddle, got the AMG thing started on their own.”

Hammer also gave producer JQ credit for creating the foundation for today’s performers. “One positive thing about our music is that it all began with a producer camp. The youths of JQ formed a clan.”

Hammer’s observations highlight the tenacity and inventiveness of Ghanaian artists, who prosper in spite of a lack of funding and other resources.

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