Hammer recognizes Joey B as a premier producer

Well-known Ghanaian record producer Hammer has spoken something important regarding the unsung heroes of the music business.

A key player in Ghanaian hip-hop, Hammer, praised Joey B for his exceptional production abilities. He bemoaned, though, that Joey B has not gotten the credit he merits for his unseen efforts.

Hammer said, “Joey B is one of the best producers in the country, but he hasn’t been credited before,” during a Thursday, June 20, 2024 Starr Chat interview with Bola Ray. This claim has highlighted the frequently underappreciated contributions of individuals who put in many hours behind the scenes to mold the music business.

Known by his stage name Joey B, Darryl Paa Kwesi Bannerman-Martin is a well-known hip-hop artist from Ghana who gained notoriety for his hit song “Tonga.” Although Joey B is most known for his live performances and recordings, Hammer’s comments highlight Joey B’s considerable but underestimated contribution as a producer, highlighting another aspect of his brilliance.

It is anticipated that Hammer’s remarks will provoke conversations around the need of recognizing and appreciating the diverse skill sets found in the music business. By showcasing Joey B’s talents, Hammer is promoting a more thorough understanding of the musicians and producers who contribute to the development of Ghanaian music.

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