Here Are Every Allegation Made By Medikal Against Fella Makafui In Relation To Their Failed Marriage.

Medikal has provided a thorough explanation of the circumstances leading up to the breakup of his marriage with Fella Makafui, following his online announcement of their separation and its public mention during his Indigo O2 Concert.

On Saturday, May 18, 2024, the rapper took to social media to air his frustrations. He revealed a number of disturbing occurrences that had strained his relationship with Fella Makafui, with whom he has a child.

Since things had gotten out of hand, Medikal felt obliged to give his side of the story even if he was first reluctant to do so because of family ties.

The numerous allegations that Medikal made against his divorcing wife, Fella Makafui, are listed below.

relatives invading your privacy:

Medikal bemoaned the lack of privacy at his house and pointed out that their relationship was severely strained by Fella’s family and friends’ frequent visits.

He described the two years that Fella’s cousin Bless resided with them, as well as her mother’s surprise visits, during which Medikal was frequently ignored.

Medikal related incidents in which Fella’s mother would barge into their home regardless of the presence of her daughter.

The rapper bemoaned the lack of civility from Fella’s mother, who not only showed up unexpectedly but also completely ignored him when she saw him at home.

He also related stories in which Fella had welcomed an old male classmate into his studio, which added to the hostilities in their home.

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