Hitmaker Baba Tundey Of “Anastasia” Officially Signed With RuffTown Records

Baba Tundey, RuffTown Records’ first male artist, has been signed. The label is happy to announce this.

Regarded as one of the voices of the future, he generated a stir in the business recently with his song “Anastasia,” which captivated fans’ attention.

The amazing song, which included rapper Jay Bahd from Asakaa, is a great indication of the crooner’s future potential.

With the release of the music video for his well-received hit “Last Born (Remix)” featuring Holyrina, the label made Baba Tundey known.

The RuffTown Records CEO announced the news of his newest signing on Instagram, to great fan response thus far.

“I’m glad to be associated with this outstanding label,” Baba Tundey said. We all know what RuffTown Records is capable of, therefore as a budding artist, I need to reach a wider audience and collaborate with some incredible producers and musicians. I thank God for this chance and look forward to what is ahead. You’re about to receive nothing but excellent music from Baba Tundey. Accompany me on this voyage.”

Originated With origins in both Ghana and Nigeria, David Tofik, also known as Baba Tundey or “Maame Alata Last Born” on the streets, is a rapidly emerging artist.

His 2023 debut single, “Talent Never Dies,” has catapulted him to the brink of fame thanks to his unique blend of hiplife and afrobeats.

The Ghanaian record label RuffTown Records was established in 2015 by Bullet, also known as Ricky Nana Agyeman.

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