How The Mother Of Medikal Expressed Regret To Despite Media Kwasi Aboagye Tells The Tale

The facts of a discussion Kwasi Aboagye, the host of Peace FM Entertainment Review, had with Medikal’s mother over her son’s behavior have been made public.

Aboagye claims that the mother urged him to speak candidly about her son’s previous misdeeds and disregard for the Despite Media Group, even going so far as to say that the presenter need to chastise the rapper if required.

The seasoned entertainment reporter revealed that Medikal’s mother apologized to Despite Media’s employees and owner for her son’s hurtful remarks during a fight.

“My mother got in touch with Medikal. We covered two major topics. She authorized me to talk about her son’s situation, even if it meant critiquing him. She also asked me to publicly apologize to Despite Media Group on behalf of her son for what he had done.

“She apologizes for anything her son stated concerning Dr. Osei Kwame Despite of Fadda Dickson, MzGee, and other people. During the Peace FM show Entertainment Review, Kwasi Aboagye stated, “She said that it is not her son’s usual behavior.”


In a phone interview following Medikal’s O2 Indigo broadcast, MzGee inquired: “Fella congratulated you well for your concert last week on this show. She is about to have her movie premiere. Anything you would like to say to her?”

Clearly agitated, Medikal answered, “Are you sure you comprehend what you’re asking? You’re conducting yourself like a marital advisor. The concert is the reason we’re here. I hope everyone has the greatest of luck; it was awesome.

“Let’s concentrate on how fantastic the show was. BBC World is featuring me today. Why are these queries being asked? You’re definitely not dating your first guy. Instead, let’s celebrate my representation of Ghana internationally.”

Following that, Medikal resorted to his social media page to disparage Despite Media and charge MzGee with lacking professionalism.

Medikal announced his separation with Fella Makafui on Twitter prior to the show.

“Fella is just my child’s mother; she is no longer my wife. Everything is good; we’re co-parenting,” he tweeted on March 30.

On Instagram, they unfollowed one another, and Fella Makafui deleted the ‘Mrs. Frimpong’ part of her username.

The four-year marriage has not yet been officially dissolved.

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