“I Won’t Reveal The Many Evil Things Mzbel Has Done To Me.” – Tonardo

Socialite Nana Tonardo of Ghana has provided insight into his friendship with Mzbel.

He disclosed that the artist has given him several complaints, which he has decided not to make public in order to avoid reopening old wounds and disputes.

Tonardo, who is well-known for his heated exchanges with other Ghanaian female celebrities, made it apparent that he has avoided getting into any public arguments with Mzbel.

In an interview with Kwaku Manu that GhanaWeb filmed, Tonardo chose to label Mzbel’s wrongdoings against him as “evil” rather than naming them specifically.

Despite pressure to reveal the information, he remained firm in his decision to keep these items confidential.

“Mzbel and I have never engaged in combat. I haven’t talked about her actions in public, but she has done me a lot of evil. Although it’s believed that we don’t get along, I haven’t disclosed what she did to me in public,” he stated.

Tonardo also rejected the idea that he forces his friendship on women, which eventually causes conflict.

He stated, “I don’t pursue friendships with women; they are the ones who seek my companionship, viewing me as a big sister,” in reference to his propensity to argue with known female celebrities on social media.

Tonardo also spoke about a recent health issue that he said looked a lot like a stroke but that he thankfully recovered from.

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