If Someone Challenges Me, I Will Expose Musicians Who Are Part Of Romance Frauds – Big Akwes Threatens

Big Akwes, a Ghanaian actor, has warned that if he is provoked, he will expose musicians that take part in romance frauds.

He says he knows many well-known musicians who have amassed significant riches by enticing their spouses into romance scams.

Big Akwes brought attention to the fact that romance scams are becoming more common, with some Ghanaians working with con artists both at home and abroad to fool foreigners into falling in love.

Speaking on MzGee’s United Showbiz on UTV, he responded to those who were critical of Hajia4Real, the socialite who was recently convicted, for her role in romance scams.

“People making fast internet judgments on Hajia4Real’s circumstances are discussed. There are musicians that I know of who do similar things with their wives. In Ghana, there are musicians who con visitors by using their spouses as fronts. These aren’t just claims; I can attest to these incidents, and if I’m questioned, I’ll provide names.

“When these ladies choose to come forward, the truth will finally come to light. Furthermore, there are Ghanaians working on these initiatives abroad. Some even allow criminals to launder money by lending their bank accounts to them. They don’t understand the seriousness of their acts until they are arrested,” he said in Twi.

Concerning the fraud

In May 2023, Hajia4Reall was extradited to the US from the UK due to her alleged involvement in a $2 million romance scam, known as “sakawa” in the US, that targeted older, unmarried Americans.

Hajia4Reall entered a guilty plea in the $2 million romance scam case in February 2024. On the website of the US Attorney’s Office, the socialite entered a guilty plea to a single charge of conspiracy to receive stolen money.

Alleged participation of Hajia4Reall’s father

Regarding Hajia4Reall’s “baby daddy’s” role in the romance scam, court documents and responses have surfaced. In court filings, Hajia4Reall’s attorneys claimed that her former partner, Luvman Allison, had utilized her accounts to obtain money from unidentified sources. Her attorney claims that Luvman committed fraud while on probation following an earlier arrest in the United States.

According to the records, Luvman took advantage of Hajia4Reall’s confidence by tricking her into believing they were in a serious relationship and then enlisted her in his money schemes. She knew it was wrong, but she kept going because she was afraid for her safety and the protection of her daughter. Although Hajia4Reall acknowledged that it was inappropriate, she felt compelled to comply.

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