In A Ghanaian Series, Shalimar Abbiusi Excels

Shalimar Abbiusi, a well-known international spokesman for the New Force and human rights champion, is making news again, this time for her antics in the entertainment sector.

She appeared in the Sparrow Studios-produced “Madam Series,” which aired on Akwaaba Magic. The compelling drama “Madam” centers on Lankai Morgan, a lady who will do everything it takes to become powerful.

The actress who plays Yvonne, Shalimar Abbiusi, expressed her happiness that the producers kept her in the role despite her deportation.

She posted on social media, sharing her news: “I’m excited to share some news with you. Tonight, I’ll be appearing on @akwaabamagic in @madamseriesam as ‘Yvonne,’ and, my, she’s a fascinating character! Working with @sparrowstudiosoriginal was such a wonderful experience, and I am appreciative of the chance.”

She gave her co-stars a lot of appreciation, highlighting Godwin Namboh, who plays Minister Ankrah, and her on-screen mother Amanda Jissih. Shalimar, who left the series early because of her deportation, thanked everyone for working on it and watching her character come to life, saying, “God is good.”

Given Shalimar’s well-known activist past and the current political unrest, her position in the “Madam Series” has attracted a lot of attention. Supporters and admirers are excited to witness her acting prowess and the difference she will make in the entertainment industry.

Presented by Sparrow Studios and broadcast on Akwaaba Magic, the “Madam Series” never fails to enthrall viewers with its gripping narrative and vibrant cast of characters. The viewer’s curiosity and expectation are increased by Shalimar’s engagement.

Shalimar faces deportation, but her tenacity and commitment to her work come through, opening a new phase in her varied career.

She is a professional Belgian TV presenter, model, and former beauty queen who goes by Shallie Abbiusi. In addition to her work with Sparrow Studios, she wants to pursue other projects in Africa and abroad.

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