“In Ghana, The Consenting Age Is 16,” Vim Lady Asserts In Support Of MzGee’s Allegations Of “Sleeping With Bosses.”

Afua Pokua, also known as Vim Lady, is a media figure who has stood up for her colleague MzGee despite charges made by Afia Schwarzenegger that MzGee advanced in her journalism career by providing sexual favors.

Afia Schwarzenegger had earlier leveled a number of charges against MzGee in an effort to chastise her for her behavior during an interview with Medikal. These included allegations of personal connections to certain subordinates and coworkers.

Afia Schwarzenegger claimed that MzGee had private meetings with a number of well-known people in the media, including her husband, who used to be her boss.

Even if MzGee were to partake in such activities, Vim Lady, who has been keeping an eye on the matter, asserted that she is a consenting adult.

In a widely shared video, Vim Lady addressed the matter and voiced her concerns:

You’ve heard someone accuse MzGee of having an affair with that someone. Admittedly, in Ghana, 16 is the legal age of consent. Thus, these assaults on her persona are unacceptable and unsettling. They’re even include her spouse in this. This is what type of entitled mindset is this? She asked a question.

But Vim Lady cautioned Medikal and his followers to exercise restraint in their public declarations, pointing out that the entertainment business had both good and bad sides.

“I acknowledge Medikal’s assertion that he made progress, and since the BBC covered it, the Ghanaian media had to highlight it as well. However, if you examine this closely, you’ll see that MzGee was constructive.

Celebrities are aware that there are certain bad things that happen in this line of work and in the industry as a whole. Medikal should use moderation, as should his fan base. The supporters of the Shatta Movement ought to follow suit. Some things seem bad, but they’re not really bad,” she shot back.

“As someone who has practiced journalism for over 20 years, there is this saying that there is nothing like bad news,” said Vim Lady, a journalist with over 20 years of experience. Not every interview we do will be flawless, just as the media isn’t perfect. Not all the pertinent questions will be able to be asked. It is up to you, the interviewee, to choose what deserves your best efforts.


MzGee has come under fire for reportedly trying to cast doubt on Medikal’s achievements by asking unrelated questions.

Medikal has harshly criticized the United Showbiz host on social media, using foul language and involving her employers in the matter. Medikal is backed by Shatta Wale and Afia Schwarzenegger.

I’ve never had sex with my superiors – MzGee

In an attempt to appease her detractors, MzGee posted a video of her conversation with Medikal on social media. Without hesitation, she stated that she had never had a romantic relationship with her boss.

And, so that we are not persuaded, not every brilliant female personality needed to have an affair with her boss, her superior, her peers, or even her subordinate in order to succeed or be acknowledged, the author stated. I’ve expressed this on a lot of other forums. I have never had sex with any of my supervisors.

“Don’t minimize laborious effort. It pays to work hard. In actuality, my coworkers and bosses are aware of my workaholic tendencies.”

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