In Response To Chef Smith’s GWR Controversy, Shatta Wale Said, “My Guy Of The Moment”

Shatta Wale, a well-known dancehall rapper from Ghana, has jokingly commented on the latest issue involving Chef Smith on social media.

Shatta Wale laughed and showed praise for the chef’s boldness in a series of playful Facebook posts.

Cooking without a permit, enusu wor hor Who then printed the chef’s certificate? Chef Smith marks his own papers, writes tests, and gets applause from us.He’s my current favorite man.”

Shatta Wale kept his fans entertained with clever comments like, “I swear Chef Smith cause fear and panic.”

“I think Chef Smith should go on a thank-you tour,” the dancehall star suggested in a final lighthearted remark that raised the situation’s humor level.

The posts have since attracted a lot of interest and interaction from Shatta Wale’s followers, giving the ongoing Chef Smith story a humorous spin.

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