Keep Your Son Safe, Or Else He Could Become Funny Face – Big Akwes To Medikal’s Mother

The announcement of musician Medikal’s divorce has worried Ghanaian actor Big Akwes, who pointed out the many personal struggles the musician is going through right now.

In order to help her son, he advised Medikal’s mother to be watchful and think about consulting a marriage counselor.

Big Akwes cautioned that, in the absence of appropriate support, Medikal might find himself in a similar predicament to comic Funny Face, who is rumored to be battling mental health concerns as a result of marital troubles, in a video that Marigyata shared on Instagram.

“To avoid any problems, Medikal’s mother needs to mobilize support for her son. He acknowledged using marijuana, which might be dangerous if the authorities found out.

“In addition, if Medikal’s issues are not resolved, he can encounter a circumstance like to Funny Face. I suggest that his mother get him guidance from a marriage counselor. If she did it carelessly, she might regret it. Recall that speaking with smart people suffices “in Twi.

These comments come after Medikal’s angry social media tirade against his divorced wife Fella Makafui and an event in which he said she called the police on him.

According to reports, Medikal’s insistence that Fella’s cousin vacate their shared home was the cause of the argument.

They are currently fighting in court over custody of their daughter and their house.

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