Kendrick Lamar Vs. Drake: Who Came Out On Top?

“Attempting to hit a note, and most likely it’s in A-minor.”

Kendrick Lamar’s raspy vocals echo through hip-hop and popular culture as he clings on the final letter of “minor” in Not Like Us, the controversial song targeting fellow rapper Drake.

This bombshell claim, which has gained international attention, is presented without supporting documentation and casts doubt on Drake’s behavior with young women. One of the biggest artists in the world, Drake, adamantly disputes it. Not Like Us, which was released on May 4, has pierced the public awareness after being discussed on social media, performed at NBA basketball games, and blasted from DJ booths at parties from London to Los Angeles and New York to Atlanta.

It’s also just one of nine tracks that make up an incredible, spiraling feud between two of today’s biggest rappers, with unsubstantiated claims of paedophilia, hidden children, and spousal abuse that are all refuted.

This is the culmination of a decade-long simmering cold war that is now coming to a head.

Journalist and content producer Minou Itseli, popularly known as Mimi The Music Blogger, adds, “I think we’ve all expected this to happen at some point.” “Much more than we initially realized, they have been subtly criticizing each other in their songs. However, nobody could have predicted the extent of the beef.”

Both men have been praised and criticized during the feud, and fans of both have proclaimed their favorite, the winner.

However, who -Should either – has emerged from this in good shape?

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