“Knowing Medikal Was A Playful Person, I Wouldn’t Have Responded To His Diss Songs.” – Strongman

Rapper Strongman has disclosed that he would not have responded to Medikal’s trash tracks if they had been personal friends.

He took Medikal’s jabs seriously at first since he thought they were sincere, but he subsequently realized that Medikal was joking.

Strongman revealed in a widely shared interview that he wasn’t aware of Medikal’s carefree outlook on life until he got to know him better.

“Believing that Medikal was sincere, I entered the rivalry head-on. But as I got to know him, I noticed how happy he was,” the man thought.

“I thought to myself, what kind of buddy is this? One who laughs at everything “He thought to himself.

Medikal and Strongman, two lyricists from Ghana, are engaged in a social media competition to be crowned the “best rapper.”

In an attempt to prove they are the best rappers, they have all recorded diss recordings.

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