LilWin Laments The Way The Media Portrays The Accident And Says, “They Made It Seem Like I Intentionally Killed The Boy”

Actor and comedian Kwadwo Nkansah, better known by his stage name “LilWin,” from Ghana, voiced dissatisfaction with the public’s reaction to his mishap on May 25, 2024, which claimed the life of a 3-year-old boy.

During an interview at the Believers Worship Centre on July 1, LilWin expressed his disapproval of the way the incident was portrayed in the media, claiming it gave the impression that he was deliberately causing the disaster.

The actor highlighted that his driving was not irresponsible and refuted suggestions that it was the cause of the collision.

“As I sat down, I questioned myself if my issue was being discussed on TV in general. Automobiles are machines with many moving parts. Whether it is new or not is irrelevant. Anything is possible.

“I regret what transpired for the victims. The story has been presented by the media as though I purposefully ran the little child over with the car and crashed my car into his,” he said.

He said, “They gave the impression that I had a telescope, saw a kid in the car, and chose to kill him.”

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