Medikal Explains Why He Blasted Utv PRESENTER

In an interview with Kwadjo Sheldon, Medikal explained why he directed Salvos to Miss Gee of UTV. He explained that Mzgee was creating a different narrative to tarnish what he did and to divert the attention and sway focus away from the main conversation of him having a successful event.


He further explained that he did not walk-off from the call from Mzgee because, he was already called and it was also a live interview and he did not want to disrespect his funs and listeners that’s why he had to speak.

He stated that, It hurts him when platforms like Utv interview Ghanaians with unnecessary question instead of writing proper headlines to speak well of a person especially to the Music industry

Medikal explains again that some of the interviews he would not attend because of the question being asked and even if he still goes for the interviews, most of the questions he will omit them.

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