Medikal Says Eno Barony Is The “Dopest” Female Rapper In Ghana and Better Than Strongman

The Too Risky hitmaker, Medikal, has drawn parallels between two Ghanaian rappers.

Eno Barony is the greatest female rapper in Ghana, according to Medikal, who also claims that she raps more skillfully than Strongman, one of the country’s top rappers.

The rapper made the statement during an interview with Adesope-Shopsydoo in London as part of his media tour to promote his next show.

Prior to his much-anticipated Indigo 02 show on May 3, 2024, Medikal landed in London on April 25, 2024.


Strongman and Eno are only two examples of the many people who support rap culture. The most attractive female rapper in Ghana is Eno Barony. She is really awesome. Compared to some male rappers, she is a better runner. In the interview that Gh Kwaku posted on Instagram, he stated, “Eno raps better than Strongman.”

He also discussed a few talented musicians from Ghana who are working hard to establish themselves in the industry.

Nonetheless, Medikal’s remarks sparked debate among internet users, with some perceiving it as a matter that might spark a dispute between the two rappers and others believing the comparison was superfluous.

The responses are listed below:


“Medikal paaaa, stop comparing yourself to Strongman. Even if you meditate, you can’t rap better than Strongman. Stop it!”

“Why do you go there and claim that Eno is superior to Strongman? Simply go somewhere and do your thing without comparing yourself to anyone.

“This is an additional strategy for advancing Strongman and Eno. His remarks about them are an attempt to advertise their music. because a person who doesn’t know the difference between them will easily play their songs on YouTube to check if what MDK was claiming was accurate, which will grow additional streams of focus for them both. The two of them will become well-known online thanks to radio stations, our YouTubers, and a host of other sources. They’ll be the talk of the internet for a few days or weeks. Thus, you folks ought to stop talking and take a cue from these guys.

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