Medikal Tells Fella Makafui, “Return My Wedding Ring And Drinks”

Medikal quickly expressed his feelings in response to Fella Makafui’s public declaration over his recent outbursts, demanding the return of his wedding ring and the beverages he gave her family while they were engaged.

Fella revealed in her statement that she and Medikal had ended their marriage amicably a few months earlier. She expressed disappointment over Medikal’s public complaints, which she believes has harmed her reputation.

But Medikal stressed that he was ready to formally call it quits on their marriage as soon as his ring and alcohol returned in the comments section of Fella’s manager’s Instagram post containing the press release.

She said, “I’m just waiting for my ring and the drinks. I don’t want this anymore.” “I’m here whenever you guys are ready,” he said.

In the meantime, a press release from Fella Makafui on May 18, 2024, acknowledged the breakdown of their four-year marriage, saying that the choice had been made months before and that the traditional divorce procedures were still pending.

Fella also reaffirmed her decision to take legal action because she thought it would protect her and her kid and set legal parameters for their co-parenting responsibilities with Medikal.

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