My Dream Performance Would Be At The O2 – King Promise.

Many have speculated that some talented Ghanaian acts may make their way to the esteemed O2 Arena in the wake of the success of Medikal’s Indigo O2 show and King Promise’s Asia tour.

Alordia, a well-known Ghanaian event planner living in the UK, stated in an interview with Joy Prime that King Promise is the performer most likely to pack the O2 Arena.

King Promise has since stated that he would like to play at the esteemed O2 Arena in the United Kingdom.

King Promise stated in a live interview on TV3 that he doesn’t want to be forced to host a show just because people want him to, and that such a feat would only be feasible with the correct planning and backing.

“It’s very likely… I believe it’s doable if we band together and make it happen.

“Who wouldn’t want to take part in O2? I’d adore to take on the O2 role. But I take things one step at a time. Before proceeding to B, you must first move from A. You don’t simply go because it’s what everyone says. It must be constructed by you. Make sure the people that matter most to you are included in the process. Since I truly care more about the journey than the destination, he remarked.

King Promise talked about his three guest performances at the O2 Arena. Calling it “grand” and “crazy,” he said it was his biggest indoor platform to date, even though he has previously performed at larger venues.

“I’d want to perform on the O2. I’ve already given three performances at the O2. I understand how that feels, but we have a ton of other stuff to finish off before we can tackle the O2.

It’s magnificent. It’s absurd. It’s enormous. I think this is the largest indoor stage I have ever used for a performance. “I’ve performed at much larger festivals, but they weren’t indoors,” he remarked.

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