Obofour’s Claim That There Aren’t Enough Real Men Of God In Ghana Is Refuted By Prophet Ogyaba

In defense of Rev. Obofour’s recent claim that there are no real men of God in Ghana, Prophet Ogyaba, also known as Emmanuel Akwasi Boakye, General Overseer of Holiness of Christ Zion Ministry, has come out.

He thinks that Rev. Obofour’s critics might have misinterpreted his goals, which were to draw attention to the flaws that all people have.

Prophet Ogyaba made it clear that Rev. Obofour wanted to encourage people to rely more on the Lord than on themselves and to bring attention to the fallibility of men of God because of their human nature.

Prophet Ogyaba said that the detractors of his colleague pastor, Rev. Obofour, had misunderstood the main points of his sermon during an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM.

“I’ve seen the video, and the interpretation given doesn’t match what he meant to say. Even the sinless Jesus declined to be called a parent when he assumed human form, understanding that only God is worthy of such a title. This suggests that the very nature of human embodiment is defective.

“The only thing keeping us alive is God’s grace. Thus, I think he was talking about human fallibility rather than righteousness. Although a cursory glance at the video can cause misinterpretation, he clarified that his comments were well-founded.

This defense follows Rev. Obofour’s comments regarding the wrongdoings of certain pastors, such as their engagement in fornication—having sex with three women at once—and adultery that results in divorce.

He exhorted people to place their trust in God and said that these failings of pastors are a reflection of the lack of true men of God in Ghana.

In this nation, there are no real men of God. No preacher is able to heal. I am not and never will be disparaging the church. Not what people say, but who went through three days of agony for us, is what we should be focusing on. The person deemed sincere committed adultery, which resulted in a divorce.

“Someone has defrauded others of their money. Threesomes are practiced by those who identify as sincere men of God. Some people avoid paying customs fees by driving autos. Therefore, we should go to church to worship God rather than to follow a pastor,” he stated in a video that Zionfelix uploaded on his Instagram page.

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