Offering Lesser Than Fifty Ghanaian Cedis Is A Dishonor – Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Nicholas Osei, also known as Kumchacha, the founder and head of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, has joined with fellow evangelist Bishop Obinim in his rejection of 5 and 10 cedi notes as offertory.

In a widely shared video, Bishop Obinim gave his flock instructions to give seed or gratitude gifts during church services that weighed no less than 20 cedis.

Smaller donations, he claimed, are insulting to God, and he pleaded with individuals who had donated 5 or 10 cedis to get their money back so it wouldn’t become a curse.

Prophet Kumchacha confirmed Obinim’s observations in an interview that aired on Hitz FM on May 13, 2024. He mentioned the growing expenses of products and services, such as transportation to church, which frequently surpasses the 5 to 10 cedis that are customarily donated during services.

“It is accurate what Bishop Obinim stated. Goods and services are now more expensive. Even the cost of transportation to the church exceeds five to ten cedis. However, you pay 2 cedis, 5 cedis, and 10 cedis during the offertory,” Kumchacha questioned.

When asked what he considered an appropriate amount, he replied, “GH¢50 and above is okay.”

While praising those he believed were at ease and who continued to make meager donations, he also admitted that there were some who really had nothing more to give and declared that this was not a problem.

Such quantities were shameful, in his opinion.

It’s not via coercion. It’s acceptable if you truly don’t have any money. That is not problematic at all.

“However, is it not possible for you to attend church, take a seat in a cool auditorium with your iPhone 15 and iPhone 17, and then give five cedis at offertory? What a shame that is! I think you’d better stay home and sit,” he remarked.

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