Ohemaa Mercy Describes A Potentially Fatal Delivery Experience In Her Memoir, “Three Days In Labor”

Well-known gospel singer Ohemaa Mercy has opened up about the terrifying three-day labor and delivery trauma she went through.

She explained that she went into labor on a Tuesday and that the procedure took a long time and involved a lot of medical interventions in an interview with Adom TV.

The difficulties were putting her and the baby at risk, so by Friday, with the baby still not born, doctors decided to perform an emergency caesarean surgery.

Ohemaa Mercy reported that although though the procedure went well, she still had to deal with difficulties once her wound reopened due to the premature removal of the surgical sutures.

She claimed that just one week after this setback, she needed an additional urgent surgery to preserve her life.

Ohemaa Mercy’s physical and emotional strain was exacerbated during this crucial time by the crippling worry of medical costs.

Her mother’s friend, a nurse, intervened with alternative treatment and gave vital support during her recuperation, which she characterized as a miracle and timely intervention.

Ohemaa Mercy had to thread carefully over the following six months in order to stop her wound from getting worse.

Her physical strength was put to the limit, and her faith was severely tested, she emphasized.

She is quite grateful to be alive today, despite the tremendous hurdles she endured, and she credits God’s grace for her survival.

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