Ola: “There Are Cameras Everywhere, How Can I Sleep With Girls In My Office?” Michael Responds. Schwarzenegger

Ola Michael has refuted claims made by Afia Schwarzenegger that he behaved inappropriately toward female coworkers at his place of employment.

Ola Michael was one of the media personalities that Afia Schwarzenegger had previously called out for her uninvited comments about celebrities.

Afia also attacked Ola Michael for his unfavorable comments regarding the event, attempting to undermine MzGee’s focus on Medikal’s successful O2 Indigo concert in London and instead focus on his personal life with Fella Makafui.

Ola Michael, a panelist, expressed disapproval of Medikal inviting Sister Derby on stage and disclosing his single status to the audience during a phone conversation with Medikal on United Showbiz, which was hosted by MzGee.

Disturbed by Ola Michael’s attention to Medikal’s private affairs, Afia responded without holding back.

She attacked Ola Michael in the same way that he had chastised MzGee, saying that the Neat FM Presenter had a reputation for having sexual relations with his younger female employees.

Ola Michael responded to these assertions on his Neat FM show, expressing shock:

Is it not shocking that you would assume I could get away with sleeping with anyone in this camera-filled office? Even though she observed something similar earlier and the individuals involved were even shown in photos and videos, she continues to imply that I am the one. It’s obvious to all rational people that you are not telling the truth.

Ola Michael was eager to speak with Afia face-to-face, but he was frustrated that his superiors were standing in the way.

“The targets are not the employers; rather, it’s the employees. However, the superiors accuse you of turning them into targets if you attempt to reply. If I had the chance, I would present her with information that would shock her. I have hurtful facts on her that would blow her mind,” he shot back.

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