Perpetual Didier: Gospel Musicians Are More Talented Than Secular Ones

Gospel artist Perpetual Didier has advocated for gospel musicians to have equal access to important events.

She claims that live performances by gospel musicians are more thrilling than those by secular performers.

Perpetual Didier, best known for her song “Yesu Nkoaa,” cited the results of the most recent Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMAs), in which secular performers like King Promise and Kuami Eugene were outscored by gospel singers like Nacee, as proof. This was reported by

“The reason I’m mentioning the Ghana Music Awards is that, as far as we all know, it’s the largest event that unites all the major actors in the music business and offers a shared stage for performances by both secular and gospel performers.

“And when it comes to live performances, we have all seen over the years how gospel musicians consistently outperform their secular counterparts on stage,” she continued.

She explained the situation by blaming the polished stage presentation of gospel performers on their extensive training and mentoring in the church.

“Live performances are everything to gospel musicians; we perform with live bands, which adds a dynamic energy to our supercharged sessions that’s difficult to duplicate,” the singer said.

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