Prophet Adu: “I Was Hurt When Yaw Sarpong Left My Church After I Healed Him In 2012”

Prophet J.Y. Adu, the founder of New Jerusalem Chapel, revealed that gospel artist Yaw Sarpong left his church following his miraculous healing in 2012.

The prophet described how Sarpong, who was suffering from a serious ailment, was brought to his church where he soon received supernatural healing and recovered.

Sarpong, however, left the New Jerusalem Chapel following the healing and didn’t return until he was given death prophecies by other pastors.

In an interview with Fiifi Pratt for Kingdom FM, which GhanaWeb listened to, Prophet Adu expressed disappointment about Yaw Sarpong’s exit after the healing miracle.

“After I healed him in 2012/2013, Yaw Sarpong came to praise God, but he stopped coming to my church. He traveled to Accra to see other preachers. He said in Twi, “I didn’t know Yaw till he came to my church for healing. “He went to a lot of churches before he started receiving death prophecies, which made him come back.” I was deeply affected by his absence from my church,” he continued.

Though he made it clear that Yaw Sarpong is still receiving spiritual care because of persistent health issues that he believes have a spiritual component, Prophet Adu said that Yaw Sarpong’s absence had had a significant impact on him.

Yaw Sarpong has been coping with health problems following a stroke, and in order to make his return to ministry easier, his recuperation is being attentively watched.

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