Rapper Bra Collins Of Ghana Renames Himself Bigboi Collinz And Releases His New Album, “The Super Album”

Rapper Collins Gyan, originally from Ghana and formerly known as Bra Collins, has announced a significant rebranding, going by the stage name Bigboi Collinz. This adjustment shows his wish to include more genres of music in his repertoire outside of gospel.

The seven-track CD “The Super Album,” which Bigboi Collinz is releasing, includes a remix of the hit song “Adom Bi” with Obrafour. He highlights that, in an effort to reach a wider audience, his new identity enables him to explore a variety of issues in his work.

“Bigboi Collinz will be my new moniker. The record, which will be titled “The Super Album,” will have roughly seven tracks, including the “Adom Bi” remix. Bigboi Collinz stated, “Bra Collins restricts me to only gospel music; I want to be able to sing or rap about different things.”

The rapper has gained recognition in Ghana’s music scene by using his tracks to convey important ideas. In an effort to encourage and inspire his listeners, he frequently addresses societal challenges, faith, and hope in his music.

The song “Adom Bi,” which features the well-known Ghanaian rapper Obrafour, is one of his most well-known compositions. 2019 saw the debut of this collaboration, which is noteworthy since Obrafour is a well-known and respected musician in Ghana who has influenced the hip-hop and hiplife genres with his profound lyrical content. “Adom Bi” has received recognition for the skillful blending of rap and gospel components, as well as for its profound lyrics.

Fans excitedly await this next chapter in Bra Collins’ career, expecting a mix of inspirational and varied musical content from the talented musician, as he rebrands as Bigboi Collinz and broadens his artistic reach.

On June 28, 2024, Bigboi Collinz will release the single “Coming Home” ahead of the release of his album.

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