Reacting To Afronita And Abigail’s Incredible Performance During Their Britain’s Got Talent Audition, Sam George

Ghanaian dancers Afronita and Abigail have received praise from Samuel Nartey George, the Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram, for their outstanding performances on the UK talent competition Britain’s Got Talent.

He gave thanks to God for bringing Abigail and Afronitaaa to the attention of the world so quickly.

The Member of Parliament thought back to how he had helped Abigail during her successful Talented Kidz campaign in 2023 and how hard she had worked to earn such much recognition.

According to Sam George, their performance on Britain’s Got Talent is just the beginning of their dance careers’ many more triumphs.

“I am extremely happy for my little lioness ‘Abigail’s’ adventure, but I am also thankful to God for all the benefits He has bestowed upon her. Her journey has been amazing and nothing short of a sequence of miracles, starting from my first post asking you to support her and finishing with the grand finale and sending her off to Britain’s Got Talent.

“May God reward her parents and Afronitaaa for accompanying her on this path. This is only the start! To the world from Ningo-Prampram! He penned something on his X page, which Yes Ghana Online saw.

Regarding Afronitaaa and Abigail’s Britain’s Got Talent performance

Wearing vivid yellow shirts and black pants with accents in Kente, Afronitaaa appeared on stage with the Ghanaian flag raised with pride. She gave a stirring introduction to the duet, regaling the judges and crowd with the tale of young Abigail, a hearing-impaired girl who had a deep passion for dancing.

The judges requested that the two open their performance with the song “Azonto” by Fuse ODG and its remix.

As they performed to Fuse’s “Dangerous Love,” which features Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul, the audience’s excitement grew.

The crowd and judges stood in ovation at the conclusion of the nearly three-minute show, with Abigail’s mother and Afronitaaa’s aunt receiving the greatest cheers.

Alesha, Bruno, Simon, and Amanda, the judges, all gave the performance high marks.

The duo has received plaudits from a wide range of public officials and celebrities for their incredible performance, which brought Ghana to the attention of the world.

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